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Global Warranty

Depending on country and region, please refer to contacts to find a LUCEO Warranty center around the globe.


Helping yourself with Whitepapers and Spec Sheets available for custommers to download or read online.


If you have any questions about our warranty offer, please get in touch with our Sales Department.

Support Service with that little X-TRA

free of charge and with great care

Luceo Technologies GmbH immediately comes back to you once you raise a request. Quick link to engineers, sales, logictics. Proposals for workarounds if you do not have sufficient equipment. Recommendation for test setup and testing procedures.

Special Support

additional and optional services

For special conditions we offer optional support service for 3 years that include:

  • Free telephone and email support
  • Onsite education
  • Immediate replacement within 24 hours
  • Quick loaner replacement for damaged devices


our testing service

  • Electronical Spectral Analysis up to 26 GHz
  • Optical Spectrum Analysis 600nm to 1700nm
  • Communication Analysis up to 20 GHz electrically
  • Communication Analysis up to 10 GHz optically
  • S-Parameter testing
  • Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR)
  • Optical bench
  • Jitter Analysis
  • Setting up test stations
  • Programming computer controller test stations


Based on decades of experience in the Fiber Optics industry we develop transceiver and other kinds of electro-optical components from partial solutions up to complete product development.