Stephan Mannshardt - CEO and founder

Stephan has 20 years in the fiber-optics industry, within companies such as Siemens, Infineon and California based AVRIO Technologies / later: Afonics Fibreoptics.  His broad experience in various roles like R&D engineer, project leader, product manager and corporate managament provides him with a solid background  to drive forward the opportunities at Luceo Technologies. Stephan holds a Dipl-Ing. degree in electrical engineering from the Technical University Berlin.

Jens Schneider - CTO and founder

Jens specialized in High Speed Data Transmission during his 12+ years with Heinrich-Hertz-Institute, Tyco Electronics and AVRIO Technologies /Afonics Fibreoptics. He has a comprehensive knowledge base in RF, Optics and embedded designs. In his early years he already participated in 160G optical transmission. Jens received his Dipl.Ing. degree in electrical engineering from the Technical University Berlin.

Thomas Stemmer - Director Engineering and founder

Over 25 years experience with Siemens and Infineon in Germany and US means that Thomas enhances Luceo’s knowledge base with high speed electronics and optical data transmission skills. Thomas actively established optical transmission technology since 80's. He graduated in electrical engineering at the University of applied science Berlin.